BeFit for MacOS BeFit for MacOS
BeFit for MacOS BeFit for MacOS

BeFit Tracker The Ultimate Calorie Tracking Tool

BeFit Tracker for MacOS and iOS allows you to effortlessly look up caloric details on over 5000+ food items and add them to custom tracking lists.

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Custom Foods

Add custom food items to the BeFit Tracker database and easily manage your custom food entries. Submit foods for distribution to all BeFit Tracker users.

Dietary Allowance

Track dietary needs with this feature that calculates your dietary allowance based on your set caloric goals.

Improved Graphing

With our all new graphing UI you can view multiple graphs that track your caloric goals, food list totals and the individual nutrition data for each food.

Food Scanner

Adding a custom food item is as easy as point and shoot. Take a picture of a barcode to automatically add a new item.

User Food Lists

Create and manage custom food lists that let you create powerful shopping lists, recipe lists and more.

User Food Library

All foods added will be curated in an easy to manage user food library that you can quickly and easily search, access and edit.


BeFit Tracker for MacOS and iOS allows you to effortlessly look up caloric details on over 5000+ food items and add them to custom tracking lists. See how your intake per list compares against your recommended caloric intake goal.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How do I make a food list?

Making lists is easy, just press the + button on the bottom left hand corner and it will automatically generate a new list. To name the list just click once and it will enter edit mode. Type in the name for your new list. To remove a list just select the list you wish to delete and press the delete key.

How to Caloric goals work?

After you set your goal, it will be measured by the total number of calories in each food list that you create to show you how close you are to your goal in terms of daily consumsion of calories, weekly, and monthly so you know where you are at all times as you track your overall progress.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is a 30 day policy. If your unhappy or find the software not to your expectations then we will refund. However each purchase does offer free updates for the life of the software, which means that most of the features that people want get added in with time.

How do I set my BMI and Calorie Goals

Going to the preferences for the program will bring you to the caloric goals and BMI calculator. Here is where you will enter your information and it will calculate a target caloric intake goal based on your goals. You can always override the suggested goal with your own if you like.

How do I add items to my list?

To view all the food items choose the Food Library list in the left side menu. This will automatically show you all 45,000+ foods in the database. You can scroll down and add the foods you want by clicking on the food and dragging it into a list. If you cant find the food you want then search for it in the search field above. The built in search will narrow down the library based on your keyword.

How do I add custom foods?

To add a custom food, click on the Add Food button on the top of the food library list and fill out the details. It will add a custom food to the User Food Library where you can edit and manage all custom food entries. From there you can add these items to your food list and track the nutrition info the same as any other food item.

Data at your fingertips

The nutrition panel shows you the caloric data in g / mg as well as percentages per serving size. Everything you need to ensure you are making smart caloric choices day-to-day.

On Target

The on-target caloric number in the center of each graph shows you the total amount of calories, carbs and proteins in each food item.

Graph at a glance

The lower graphing system shows you your goal vs each food item to show you where you stand day-to-day as well as a breakdown of each nutrition element.

Food Editor

You can easily clone and edit food data for next level flexibility and accuracy. Add custom food items into your user lists or library.

User Privacy

All data in BeFit Tracker was rebuilt with privacy in mind your data is stored locally on your devices and never shared with third parties.

BeFit for MacOS BeFit for MacOS
BeFit for MacOS BeFit for MacOS

Track over time

With the iOS app you can track your caloric intake over time.


Get insights on your target BMI score based on your information.


Set caloric intake goals for yourself and track your progress.

Save Time

BeFit Tracker is your ultimate caloric companion.