BeFit Tracker your ultimate calorie tracking companion.

BeFit Tracker for MacOS and iOS allows you to effortlessly look up caloric details on over 5000+ food items and add them to custom tracking lists.

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About BeFit Tracker

BeFit Tracker for MacOS and iOS allows you to effortlessly look up caloric details on over 5000+ food items and add them to custom tracking lists. See how your intake per list compares against your recommended caloric intake goal. Scan foods not in the database and more. BeFit Tracker is your ultimate caloric companion towards good health.

Custom Foods

Add custom food items to the BeFit Tracker database and easily manage your custom food entries. Submit foods for distribution to all BeFit Tracker users.

Dietary Allowance

Track dietary needs with this feature that calculates your dietary allowance based on your set caloric goals.

Improved Graphing

With our all new graphing UI you can view multiple graphs that track your caloric goals, food list totals and the individual nutrition data for each food.

Food Scanner

Adding a custom food item is as easy as point and shoot. Take a picture of a barcode to automatically add a new item.

User Food Lists

Create and manage custom food lists that let you create powerful shopping lists, recipe lists and more.

User Food Library

All foods added will be curated in an easy to manage user food library that you can quickly and easily search, access and edit.

Brilliantly Simple Interface

Gone are the days of complex health software. We made BeFit Tracker simple to use so anyone can intuitively search and built lists without having to read complex manuals or help articles.

BMI Recommendations

Let BeFit Tracker help you customize your diet and recipies with its built in BMI caloric intake recommendation tool, integrates your recomended intake into all areas for easy tracking.

Food Ratings

You now can see at a glance from the food search screen which foods are healthier for you based on the star rating system.

Food Search

Not only is searching simple but with the inclusion of the USDA database and our public foods database it will be hard not to find the food your looking for.

Dark Mode

Enjoy BeFit Tracker now available in full dark mode on Mojave and Catalina. We've rebuilt BeFit from the ground up to give you the best tracking experience.

BeFit for iOS
BeFit for iOS

BeFit Tracker now with BMI Insights

Track your BMI, Custom Foods, Scan food items, and much more.

Track over time

With the iOS app you can track your caloric intake for your food lists over time.


Get insights on your target BMI score based on your information.


Set caloric intake goals for yourself and track your progress.

Save Time

With all of these features at the palm of your hand BeFit Tracker is your ultimate caloric companion.

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The Apps are free. Purchase the extended database within the app to enhance your overall usage.