Munki Theme Maker Munki Theme Maker

Use Munki Theme Maker to Customize the Managed Software Update Experience

Munki Theme Maker allows you to create custom color based scheme themes for Munki. This app picks up on the amazing work of the Munki project and the Munki Rebrand project. The theme maker allows you to have a more modern color schemed UI made for your brand.

Munki Theme Maker Munki Themes

Munki Theming

The base munki theme comes with a revised toolbar, sidebar and featured layout.

Custom Colors

Pick the background, foreground and link colors that will make up your theme masterpiece.

Rebrand, Signing & More

Munki & Munki Rebrand are at the heart of the Munki Theme Manager. Sign, Re-Brand and so much more.


The theme maker allows you to have a more modern color schemed UI made for your brand. Change the background color, featured item color and the sidebar link colors.

This project is the outcome of the talk given by Jon Brown at the Mac Admins Penn State Conference. Read more about that here.

Munki Theme Maker Munki Themes

Automated Theming

The app automatically clones Munki, Munki Rebrand and the core Munki Themes and then builds a deployable Munki package that is fully re-branded and re-themed.

Visually Stunning

Keep your Munki system on brand. Now you can match the icon and name with a color sheme, better toolbars and more.

Open Source

We hope that new themes, schemes, icons, and layouts come out of this initiative. Please take a look and contribute.

Powerful Theming

As of now theming or customizing Munki has been limited to name change, and icon change. With full theme and color scheme customization we are opening up Munki to a whole new realm of possibility.

Enter your variables and let the automated tool download the right version of munki, inject the changes and customizations, build, and then sign. All thats left for you to do is test and deploy.

Munki Theme Maker Munki Themes